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Legrand has a great diversity of brands, whether generalist or specialized, local or global, all of them are part of a strategic growth. Acquisitions have allowed each brand to grow organically as they are part of Legrand's ecosystem and this allows us to build trust until they become leaders in the sector in which they develop. Distributors, installers and end users choose the solutions offered by Legrand, which are sold under some 80 iconic brands.



Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures founded in 1860 , offering high value-added products and solutions for commercial, residential and industrial spaces.

Raritan Legrand


Raritan is a trusted innovator of intelligent PDU solutions, transfer switches, ambient sensors, console servers and KVM-over-IP switches for data centers of all sizes, in more than 76 countries and with 50,000 customers worldwide.

Cablofil Legrand


Cablofil has become a leader in cable management management worldwide, with more than 200,000 kilometers of cable tray installed globally.

Zucchini Legrand


Zucchini specialises in prefabricated electrical trunking systems. Zucchini offers energy distribution solutions: transformers, prefabricated electrical trunking systems.

Netamo Legrand


Netatmo has thought of everything to provide your home with complete smart protection: security cameras, alarms, sensors, smoke alarms, etc. giving you total peace of mind, at last. Its mobile and web applications are designed to be simple to operate, yet deliver a rich user experience.

Biticino Legrand


Bticino is an Italian brand dedicated to the manufacture of products and systems for the management of electrical and communications installations. It was founded in 1949 and is currently part of the Legrand Group, a world leader in electrical and digital solutions for buildings.

Ortronics Legrand


Ortronics, a Legrand Group brand, provides a high value-added structured cabling solution for high-performance networks that support multimedia applications and emerging technologies....

Luminex Legrand


This complete system is part of the integral solutions offered by Legrand to the Colombian electrical sector. This system is composed of the following product lines:

Gladia: Line of sockets, switches, telephone sockets and pushbuttons, ivory color...

Inform Legrand


Brand acquired by Legrand in 2010. Inform is one of the European leading power solution specialist and an electrical equipment design & manufacturing company, having a wide product range ; Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS Systems), Voltage Regulators...

Wattstopper Legrand


Wattstopper provides product line for Commercial Lighting Control Systems. It offers a comprehensive solution of industry-leading energy efficient lighting controls technology and applications for the commercial space. 

Vantage Legrand


Vantage is a designer and manufacturer of home control systems for luxury residences offering a full range of luxury home solutions in the categories of lighting, entertainment, and comfort.  

Server Technology Legrand

Server Technology

Server technology is the division of Legrand leading the engineering and manufacture of customer-driven, innovative and exceptionally reliable power, access and control solutions for monitoring and managing critical IT assets for continual availability. 

Minkels Legrand


Minkels provides data center solutions in areas such as housing and cooling. The dynamics in the data center market requires a business model that supports the rapid data center developments and innovations. With specialized teams, Legrand, Raritan and Minkels expect to better meet the market needs. 

Starline legrand


Starline delivers electrical distribution equipment. Expertly designed as a simple, versatile, fast and reliable solution to supply and monitor power.



IME designs and produces measuring instruments and integrated systems. The fields of application of its products are: electrical measurement, industrial automation, energy management, protection.  

Estap Legrand


ESTAP A.S. is a specialist in enclosures for data communication equipment. Their enclosures are used in networking, servers, datacenters, outdoor applications, industrial usage, telecommunication, home automation, security, audio/video.



Electrak is a well-established manufacturer of power distribution and lighting control systems. Electrak powertrack systems, floor boxes, grommets, desk modules and lighting control ranges are installed in high specification offices around the world.

cpelectronics Legrand


Cp electronics designs and manufactures controls and offers a design service as well as full technical support throughout project. The drive for innovation, cutting edge technology and ongoing expertise in this sector are tools to help to take control of energy costs and carbon footprint. 

On this page you can see all the brands that belong to the Legrand Group. You can also read more in detail each of them and the products they offer, as the Legrand Group offer seeks to complement its solutions with each of these brands.