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Italian design & innovation

Bticino offers products and systems for electrical installations and data networks in residences, commerce and industry, is a brand widely recognized for its innovation and quality, with leadership in many countries around the world.


Bticino, part of the Legrand Group

Bticino is an Italian brand dedicated to the manufacture of products and systems for the management of electrical and communications installations. It was founded in 1949 and is currently part of the Legrand Group, a world leader in electrical and digital solutions for buildings.

Bticino - Living Now

What Bticino offers

Bticino has products based on quality and design, as well as innovation with smart products, softwares and applications to facilitate the use of the products for both installers and end users. 

Bticino - Home

Its product line covers the following: 

  • Wiring devices, 
  • Door entry systems, 
  • Smart home solutions, 
  • Distribution and management solutions for the service sector, 
  • Medium voltage energy distribution, 
  • Low voltage energy distribution,
  • ZUCCHINI busbar and more

Wiring devices

Choosing the color, material and functionalities of wired devices is not easy. Bticino plates take into account both aesthetics and practicality so that they can match any room in your home. Traditional systems perfectly combine functionality and sophisticated design. For those who want an advanced electrical system Bticino also offers a range of Smart plates, find out more in the Smart home solutions section.

Door entry system

The solutions offered by Bticino are innovative and versatile. Traditional door entry systems or video door entry systems allow you to have the security you always wanted for your home. Bticino has complex systems for apartment blocks to practical kits for houses, apartments and villas.

Door entry system

Bticino door entry system

Discover all Bticino door entry system products and find out which one is the best fit for your home.

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Smart home solutions

Bticino's solutions offer the possibility to make your home connected. From making the electrical system smart, to individual connected devices such as door entry systems and thermostats. With these products you can manage your home from your smartphone wherever you are and even connect with your voice assistant.


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The Connected Home

Electrical panels and protections

Electrical panels

Electrical panels and protections

Residential panels
Designed to house devices of diverse functions from protections to automation components, they provide solutions to the most demanding residential and tertiary requirements.