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Living Now | Legrand Malaysia

The future is now

The new BTicino devices deliver an innovative aesthetic and functional proposal. The Living Now with Netatmo line has been designed to adapt to every home. It can be used in traditional systems or installed to show its full innovative potential with smart connected systems.

LivingNow design

Avant-garde design

Living Now's minimalist design features a unique and distinctive shape, with a perfect surface and alignment between the various components of the switch.

Innovation does not change

Living Now devices provide total design freedom, whether for traditional or Smart functions. In fact, the only difference lies in the types of modules or technology selected, while retaining the traditional form of installation.

Living now

Smartphone & Voice Control

Using Living Now with Netatmo, you can control all the lights, blinds and outlets in your home in one simple click and throuhg voice commands.

 Living Now with Netatmo is compatible with Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa.

Avant-garde Design

Research and innovation are the basis of the Living Now project, in which each component has been developed under a strict procedure to ensure proper functionality and provide greater safety. The main technical solutions are patented, which guarantees an exclusive and superior quality product.

LivingNow award

Desing Award 2019

Living Now, has won this prestigious international award confirming BTicino's ability to combine technology and design.

LivingNow interruptor

From switch to interface

The design of Living Now is unmatched for its extremely clean design and precise lines. A unique and distinctive form, a synthesis of aesthetic, functional and technological evolution that turns the switch into a true control interface.

LivingNow modulos

Modules and Module Covers

These represent the aesthetic and interactive part of the various functions (switches, sockets, dimmer...) Three different colors are available: White, Black and Sand. Since their functionality is independent of their aesthetics, the module covers can be easily replaced with a simple action.

LivingNow touch

Full touch

The light is turned on or off by pressing any point on the surface of the keys. Once activated, they return to their position and are perfectly aligned.

LivingNow centrado

Self-Centering System™.

The self-centering system is the patented system that allows the control covers to always remain aligned with the other components of the light spot, even after many operations.

Plates with unique side terminations

16 finishes available in 3 materials. Combine them as you wish.

Living Now


Technopolymer plates are made of layers of material, which give the finish a unique depth effect.

Living Now


BTicino has always used Zamac alloy for its metal plates, as it is durable and suitable for sophisticated aesthetic finishes.

Living Now


For those looking for a more natural effect, Living Now offers two finishes in oak and walnut.


Living Now

The line of Bticino Smart Panels

Designed to blend in with any environment

Living Now's functions

LivingNow para todos


Living Now represents a perfect solution for traditional electrical systems thanks to the wide range of devices (sockets, switches, chargers, connectors ...), which provide a wide functionality for the home with the innovative design of Living Now.

Temperature control

Comfortable environments for cozy homes. Living Now offers a thermostat perfectly integrated with the design of the series. If desired, BTicino's Smarther (connected thermostat) helps you control the temperature remotely via smartphone.

LivingNow smart

Living Now with Netatmo

To create an intelligent system with Living Now with Netatmo,
all you need to do is install specially designed devices.

Main functions

Living Now

USB charger

No more discharged devices with Living Now! USB chargers ensure fast recharging, adapting perfectly to the power requirements of the latest generation batteries. They also guarantee maximum flexibility of use, adapting to every need and every environment. The offer is completed by the induction charger, suitable for fast and wireless charging of smartphones equipped with induction receivers.

Living Now

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are an integral part of Living Now's energy-saving mission. True to that spirit, they help you turn lights on/off only when necessary, which is particularly useful in transit areas. This solution is also suitable for those who want an automatic on/off function based on the level of natural light.

Living Now

Power outlet

Living Now offers a complete range of sockets for all domestic uses. It also features international standards, ensuring greater safety and seamless integration with the Living Now style.

Living Now

Removable emergency light

Your home can be made even safer by adding removable emergency lamps to the installation, which will turn on automatically in the event of a power outage. Removable emergency lamps will stay on for up to 2 hours. They are perfect for transit areas or children's rooms.

What you can do

A simple and unique solution for the connected home

LivingNow casa conectada

Every home can be smart

Living Now with Netatmo has been designed to suit every home. It can be used in traditional systems, providing all the current technological functions while retaining its attractive design features, or show its full innovative potential with connected devices.

With Living Now with Netatmo you can:

- Lighting management
- Manage electric blinds 
- View current consumption and avoid outages
- Create and manage scenarios (general on/off, entry, exit, etc.)

LivingNow casa conectada

Multiple actions with a single click

With Living Now with Netatmo, you can turn off all lights and lower all blinds simultaneously with a single click and then use the dedicated App to switch any connected device on stage.

LivingNow casa conectada

Stay connected at all times

You can monitor the status of your home remotely via your smartphone and receive notifications in case of any alert event. In addition, thanks to the "presence simulation" function, you can also program the activation of the light as if you were at home.

Choose your scenario

Want to watch a movie or let the sunlight in? Change the lighting in your home completely from your smartphone. With Living Now with Netatmo, you can control lights, blinds and sockets individually or through customized scenarios according to your needs. Just one click to control the whole house.

LivingNow casa conectada

Keep your consumption under control

Saving energy is a fundamental issue in home management. Thanks to Living Now with Netatmo, you will always keep consumption under control through the consumption monitoring function available through the App. In addition, Living Now with Netatmo can also warn you when approaching the maximum consumption threshold. At that moment, you can choose to turn off the less important devices directly from the app.

LivingNow casa conectada

Speak, and your system will answer

Looking for a relaxed start to your Sunday morning? No problem, you can control all system functions simply with your voice, via smartphones or voice assistants.

Establishing event scenarios

The Home + Control app can be integrated with the IFTTT platform to create automated actions based on events generated in the Living Now with Netatmo system or through external services and connected third-party devices. For example, if the weather service indicates that it will be a sunny day, using the Home + Control IFTTT app will activate the garden sprinkler.


Living Now with Netatmo allows you to control several commands together: The Gateway comes preconfigured for ready-to-use input and output scenarios.

LivingNow a tus ordenes

At your service

- Traditional interaction but enhanced by BTicino's full-touch technology.
- Full integration with Apple's Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa.
- A dedicated app to control the entire SMART system.
- One click to activate groups of lights and blinds simultaneously.
- Battery-powered controls that can be placed wherever you want, without the need for wiring or drilling.

Scenario management

Living Now with Netatmo allows you to control multiple controls together: The Gateway comes with a preconfigured controller for ready-to-use input and output scenarios. All scenarios can be freely configured and customized using the smarthphone and the HOME + CONTROL app.

Home + Control

Home + Control

All scenarios can be freely configured and customized using a smartphone and the HOME + CONTROL app.

¡Hola Siri! ¡ok, Google! Alexa!

Hello Siri! ok, Google! Alexa!

Living Now with Netatmo allows you to control your home through Apple, Google and Alexa voice commands. After setting up the app, simply say "Hello Siri", "OK, Google" or "Alexa" to access all light, socket and stage commands. If there is a Google Home, Apple Home Pod or Amazon Alexa voice assistant in the home, you can issue commands even without a smartphone, thanks to the full compatibility of Living Now with Netatmo.

Smart devices

la casa conectada

Welcome to the connected home

To create a smart system with Living Now with Netatmo, you only need to install a few devices specifically designed to communicate with each other and connect to the network through the gateway. However, smart devices can also be commanded in the traditional way through the manual pulse.

Smart devices

Gateway connected

The heart of the system, which receives signals from all connected devices and allows you to connect to your Wi-Fi router.

Bidirectional switch connected

The switch that can be used traditionally or remotely via app or voice command.

Shutter switch

Blind switch that, in addition to direct control, allows integration with scenarios or can be managed through the application.

Power socket connected

A module that allows remote activation of the outlet and consumption monitoring.

Mandos inalámbricos inteligentes

Intelligent wireless controls

Wireless devices allow your home to evolve with you Want to change the design of your living room, but some switches will be left out? No problem: with battery-powered wireless devices, you can install switches wherever you want or even use them as remote control units.

Living Now

Light control unit

Control unit to turn on/off lights

Living Now

Scenario control unit

The control unit that activates multiple devices (lights, blinds, sockets) with a simple click.

Living Now

Shutter control unit

Wireless control unit for blinds

How to design

The new installation standard for your projects

The boxes do not change

Wall mounted. A perfect result every time.

Living now


Living Now



Smart Project for today or tomorrow

To install a Living Now with Netatmo system, simply install in the traditional way the devices (sockets, switches, etc.) designed to communicate with each other and connect to the Wi-Fi network through the Gateway.

Look up the reference and write your bill of materials

Visit our digital catalog

Herramientas para su diseño

Useful tools for design

- Dimensional data for plates and supports Dimensional data in PDF format

- LivingNow Images Images of the complete LivingNow range

- DWG Drawings LivingNow CAD files for plates and brackets

How to install

Standard installation for traditional and smart connected devices



The range of new Living Now panels includes 16 finishes made with different materials and colors.

From technopolymer (quality plastic) to wood, the range offers excellent versatility to meet different customer needs.

Placas de tecnopólimero (2).png

Marco flotante

The flexible frame, on the back of the plate, can conceal the defects of wall works and hides any irregularities of imperfectly recessed boxes. All this guarantees a light point that adheres to every wall perfectly and under any conditions.

How to install Living Now

Living Now

Install in boxes type 503L

Living Now is installed in traditional boxes with 3, 4 or 6 modules.

Living Now

Attach the bracket to the box

The first operation consists of screwing the support to the box.

Cablee los mecanismos y fíjelos al soporte

Wire the mechanisms and attach them to the bracket.

Complete the assembly of the functional part, then mount the protective housing.

Living Now

Remove the protective casing

The protective cover has preserved the functions during the work. Remove it before mounting the aesthetic part.

Living Now

Install the module covers on the plate.

Module covers should be selected according to the functions used.

Living Now

Mount the aesthetic part

The module covers must be selected according to the functions used.

How to install Living Now with Netatmo

1. Smart devices are installed in the same way as traditional devices.

Living Now

Instead of a traditional device, install the equivalent smart device (verify use of neutral cable).

Living Now

Once the smart device is connected, you can check its operation instantly.

2. Devices can be associated with each other simply by pressing a button.

Living Now

Turn the electrical system off and on.

Living Now

Press the In & Out master stage control supplied with the gateway for 5 seconds.

Living now

Los dispositivos se asocian automáticamente.

Living Now

Ya puede usar el control de escenario maestro IN & Out para la activación del control general "Salir".

3. The system you have created can be extended with wireless controls, associated to the respective wired devices.

Living Now

Press the input/output control supplied with the gateway for 5 seconds.

Living Now

Place the devices to be associated in contact.

Living Now

Install the wireless control in the desired location, according to your customer's needs.