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Office Buildings | Legrand Malaysia

Because Greater Flexibility Boosts Productivity

The way we work is constantly changing and so are the technical requirements that modern office buildings have to fulfil: areas for people to work independently are just as important as spaces for collaborative activities. Easy and flexible access to data and the Internet anywhere, any time, are mandatory to enable seamless transitions between all modes of working at all times. And given the economical and ecological challenges we face, the overall way of designing, constructing and renovating buildings needs to be increasingly sustainable. Thanks to the solutions offered by Legrand, these challenges are no longer an issue.


Reception Areas

With people constantly on the move, reception areas are increasingly used as a temporary workspace. Legrand’s end-to-end solutions for integration of power, communications and A/V allow you to turn any space into a functional workspace.

Individual Offices

Team work is becoming the basis of day to day business. But this doesn’t mean that individual offices are a thing of the past. Indeed, whether they’re used for independent working, private meetings or even for status reasons, individual offices are still very much a necessity.

Open Spaces

Carefully designed, open-plan office concepts cater perfectly to the needs of the millennial workforce, for whom workspaces that promote cooperation are essential for boosting creativity. Also, they are highly adaptable, and allow office interiors to easily accommodate the constant and rapid change in today’s business processes and organisation.

We were well supported on this site with excellent commercial follow-up which enabled us to present a good offer to the customer from the start. The recipes with the new products went perfectly. For us There is no doubt, we will continue with these solutions.