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Smart electrical panel | Legrand Malaysia

Smart electrical panel

With our smart electrical panel solutions and the Home + Control app, you have the benefit of a complete system for controlling your electrical installation on any type of site, from private houses to large blocks of flats.

Data center

An interface that is easy to wire up and install

Compatible with all other “with Netatmo” connected products, the EMDX3 with Netatmo Gateway Module allows you to start a connected installation from your electrical panel and acts as an interface between your router and connected wired products. Its fixed base and removal section make it easy to wire up and install. A single interface is enough to control the whole house.

  • Power supply: 100-240 V


Racks and cooling

Track easily the energy consumption

Also installed in the electrical panel after a protective circuit breaker, the EMDX3 with Netatmo connected electricity meter measures the total installation consumption or that of a specific line. You can look the total instantaneous power of the house up, but also the total electricity consumption history for the building or circuit with which the connected electricity meter is associated. Set up the “total consumption track” and receive a notification if an adjustable total instantaneous power threshold is reached.

  • Power supply: 100-240 V
  • Supplied with a closed measurement coil 80 A max

Control lights remotely

The CX3 with Netatmo connected latching relay allows you to control lights controlled by push-buttons locally or remotely and to integrate them in schedules or personalized scenarios. The latching relay can be combined with wired push-buttons and/or wireless switches in Legrand “with Netatmo” connected ranges. You can track consumption of the controlled lighting circuit in the Home + Control app and control lights with the voice via a voice assistant. Max. loads:

  • 3 840 W incandescent and halogen lamps
  • 650 W LED and compact fluorescent lamps
  • 3 000 VA ferromagnetic and electronic transformers for lamps
  • Silent latching relay (< 10 dB)
  • Power supply: 100-240 A

Control or schedule remotely the operation of high-energy consumption appliances

The CX3 with Netatmo connected contactor allows you to control the operation of high-energy consumption appliances locally or remotely (electric water heater, swimming pool pump, electric heating, charging socket for an electrical vehicle, etc.). It offers the possibility to integrate them in schedules or personalized scenarios.
Furthermore, thanks to the Home + Control app, you can track consumption of the controlled circuit, but also choose between operation in peak/off-peak automatic mode or as a conventional ON/OFF power contactor.
You can also control loads with your voice via a voice assistant.

  • Silent contactor (< 10 dB)
  • Power supply: 100-240 V

Just one app to control everything

Controlling your installation and tracking your consumption is possible via the Home + Control app. This application allows you to control remotely, using a smartphone and/or voice (via a voice assistant), your lights, roller shutters, heating and high-energy consumption appliances.
Personalizing life scenes, scheduling the operation of appliances, tracking consumption in detail along with setting alerts on your smartphone are all possible uses of the application.


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