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Legrand's unique innovations ensure optimum performance for PDUs in the Zerp-U rage.

Solutions for any configuration

Solutions for any configuration

The PDU offer combines Legrand quality and innovation in a wide range of applications. Blending seamlessly into any installation, it provides a high-quality connection and ensures compliance with current standards.

Made of anodised aluminium, a high-quality material which is both lightweight and rigid, PDUs have been designed on a modular basis, with a system of expandable socket and function modules.

The offer consists of 16 A to 32 A solutions, single-phase or three-phase. Available in Zero-U and 1 U (19” or 10”) versions, the PDUs come with sockets conforming to a variety of standards.


Zero-U PDUs: innovation and performance

Zero-U PDUs: innovation and performance

Legrand’s unique innovations ensure optimum performance for PDUs in the Zero-U range.

In particular, these innovations include:

  • Safety functions: circuits protected by a circuit breaker, holder with overhanging edges to prevent accidental use, etc
  • Ease of configuration and integration: rotatable cable entry, circuits with colour code, screwless mounting, etc
  • Consumption indicators: ammeter for efficient consumption measurement
1-U PDUs: innovation and ease of use

1-U PDUs: innovation and ease of use

19” PDUs, designed for installation in server and cabling cabinets, also incorporate the latest innovations for ease of integration and maintenance, with intelligent mounting and operating functions: toolless snap-on fixing on 19” uprights, cables held in place by a guide, rotatable ammeter to ensure easy reading regardless of mounting position (horizontal or vertical), etc.

10” PDUs are specially designed for local area networks. They incorporate the same innovations as the 19” versions.

Integrated measurement

Integrated measurement

Legrand offers solutions integrating a current measurement function for optimum management of your installation.

These PDUs have an ammeter which measures consumption in order to manage the installation better: balancing circuits, displaying available capacity, preventing overloads and power failures, etc.

Cord locking

Cord locking

Exclusive to Legrand, the offer consists of PDUs equipped with C13 and C19 sockets featuring a power supply cord locking system.

You connect the cord to the socket with a single action: it then locks automatically and can only be removed by pressing the unlock button.

This system prevents accidental disconnection and ensures absolute safety.

Dedicated protection accessories

Dedicated protection accessories

Compatible with all the PDUs in the range, the additional accessories allow you to control the socket power supply and protect equipment against overvoltages.

The socket locking plug allows access to the power supply to be controlled. A special key is needed to unlock them.

The overvoltage protection device protects equipment and incorporates hot swap technology. This allows a used module to be replaced without interrupting the power supply to other equipment connected to the PDU.


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