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Din Equipment | Legrand Malaysia

DIN devices: Protection, automation and control

MCBs and RCBOs, RCCBs and add-on modules, control and signalling auxiliaries, an extensive range of DIN rail mounting devices boasting a multitude of functions, suitable for all types of site.

DIN rail

Essential protection and Control

Legrand has a complete range of DIN rail solutions: 

  • Electrical protection and management devices: RX³, TX³, DX³
  • Control devices: Timers, Contactors
  • Automation devices: stop and go

Modular assembly adaptable for different installation needs. Complement this solution with Legrand's residential and commercial electrical cabinets. 

RX³: essential protection

RX³: essential protection

The RX³ range of RCCBs and MCBs satisfies the essential requirements on residential or small commercial sites, protecting against short-circuits, overloads and residual current faults.

In = 25 to 80 A, 2P to 4P
Sensitivity: - AC Type 30/100/300 mA;
A Type 30 mA
IEC 61008-1

In = 6 to 63 A, 1P to 4P
Breaking capacity: 4500 and 6000 A 230/400 V~ 
B and C curves
IEC 60898-1

TX³: the solution for current sites

TX³: the solution for current sites

Designed to meet the requirements of current sites in the residential and commercial sectors, Legrand's TX³ range effectively protects people (against risk of electrocution) and property (against short-circuits, overloads and residual current faults).

In = 16 to 80 A, 2P and 4P
Sensitivity:  - AC and A types 30/100/300 mA
IEC 61008-1

In = 2 to 63 A, 1P to 4P
Breaking capacity: 6000 and 10,000 A
230/400 V~
B and C curves
IEC 60898-1

DX³: advanced protection

DX³: advanced protection

With innovative functions and technical features, the DX³ range meets the needs of the most demanding residential, commercial and industrial installations in terms of safety, performance and selectivity.

In = 1 to 125 A, 1P to 4P
Breaking capacity: 6000/10 kA; 10,000/16 kA; 25 kA, 36 kA, 50 kA - 230/400 V~
B, C and D curves. IEC 60898-1

As for the accompanying auxiliaries offer, it ensures accurate monitoring and control of any installation.

DX³ Stop Arc: increased protection against fires of electrical origin

DX³ Stop Arc: protection against fires of electrical origin

Dealing with the risk of fire undoubtedly represents one of the most complex aspects of safety. These Arc Fault Detection Devices are an ideal response to the recommendations of international installation IEC 60364-4-42, which recommends using these solutions.

Easy and intuitive to install, DX³ Stop Arc offers an uncompromising level of quality for protection of people and property.

Latching relays

Latching relays

Control the power supply to your lighting circuits efficiently from different locations using Legrand latching relays.

They are available in 3 versions, all of which have space for inserting a supply busbar:
  - Single pole 16 A 250 V~
  - Double pole 16 A 250 V~
  - Four pole 16 A 400 V~

Our latching relays conform to standard NF EN 60669‑2‑2.



These are used to switch on a lighting circuit for a defined length of time.

Our timers incorporate self-protection in case the push-button jams, and have space for inserting the supply busbar.

Power supply: 230 V~ - 50/60 Hz
Adjustable time delay from 0.5 to 12 minutes depending on the version
Output: 16 A - 250 V~ - μ cos φ = 1



For optimal energy management of high energy consumption appliances, choose our contactors.

They are available in different versions:
  - With or without manual override
  - Coils: 24 V~ and 230 V~
  - 2P, 3P or 4P
  - Imax between 25 A and 63 A

Time delay relays

Time delay relays

For controlling on/off switching of devices (lighting, automation device, signalling) according to a preset period from 0.1 s to 100 hrs.

Time delay relays are available in different versions: on delay, off delay, flashing, delay on closing, delay on power-up, multi-function, etc.

Power supply: 12 V to 230 V~ and =
Output: 8 A - 250 V~ - μ cos φ = 1

Programmable time switches

Programmable time switches

For switching electrical circuits (heating, lighting) on and off at selected times over a programmed period of time.

The Legrand offer comprises:
- Analogue time switches
- Digital time switches with temporary or permanent override, with space for inserting the supply busbar

Power supply: 24 V~ / 120/230 V~ / 230 V~ 50/60Hz, depending on the version
Output: 16 A - 250 V~ or 24 V~ - μ cos φ = 1, depending on the version

Light sensitive switches

Light sensitive switches

These switch a lighting circuit on and off according to the light level: nightfall, dawn.

Supplied with photoelectric cell housed in an IP55 weatherproof Plexo box, light sensitive switches are available in standard or programmable versions.

Power supply: 230 V~ - 50/60 Hz
Output: 16 A - 250 V~ - μ cos φ = 1

Remote control dimmers

Remote control dimmers

Their role is to dim lighting with the greatest of ease.

Dedicated solutions are available for:
- Incandescent loads
- Fluorescent lamps with electronic ballast

Brochure DX³ : Protection that meets your requirement
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Brochure DX³ Stop Arc
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Residential and commercial cabinets

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