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Cable ladders

Swifts cable ladder has been tried and tested in installations of all sizes, around the world, from medium duty requirements in small, commercial buildings through to extra heavy duty installations in refineries, logistics centres and heavy industry applications. This new wide span offer in PG finish suits perfectly the needs for indoor applications as a complement to our existing solution in Hot Dip Galvanised steel.

Data center

Flexibility for high performance

The Legrand range of cable ladders offers a complete system of elements, accessories and suspension systems. Numerous sizes are available, with various radii and angles, for installation perfectly suited to specific site requirements!

It has been specially designed to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of safety, durability and reliability.


Racks and cooling

Increased safety for all loads

Cable ladder solutions offer increased capacity for heavy loads up to 100 kg/m for a 6 m span. This means you can carry a very large number of cables: an ideal solution for large projects!

With smooth, rolled edges, ladders provide increased resistance and safety during mounting operations.

The open structure of the ladders makes it easy to visually inspect and maintain the cables, limits cable temperature rise, minimises retention of dust, and prevents water retention if the fire sprinkler system is triggered!


Efficient installation

The various innovative characteristics of ladders significantly reduce the installation time and material costs: perforated rails, integrated coupling system on all risers, joining kits, quick bolt-nut fixing, etc.

The numerous cable management accessories associated with ladders can be used to create multiple configurations, for ease of installation: bends, convex and concave risers, junctions, etc.


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