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Bus SCS actuator 4x16A - 6 DIN modules


Bus SCS actuator 4x16A - 6 DIN modules

REF. BMSW1003 EAN. 8012199968186
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Technical characteristics

Bus system KNX No
Bus system KNX-RF (Radio Frequent) No
Bus system radio frequent No
Bus system LON No
Bus system Powernet No
Other bus systems Other
Mounting method DRA (DIN-rail adapter)
Width in number of modular spacings 4
Local operation/hand operation Yes
With LED indication Yes
Number of digital inputs 0
Max. switching power 3680 W
Suitable for C-load Yes
Max. number of switching contacts 8
Rated current 16 A
Rated operating voltage 100-240 V
Different phases connectable No
With bus connection Yes
Modular expandability No
Degree of protection (IP) IP20